Humane Society offers needed service for pets

If your household is similar to more than one in three in America, a dog or cat is probably nearby.

According to the American Pet Association, there are more than 65 million dogs and 75 million cats in American households.

While many of us find great comfort in sharing our lives with four-legged friends, we also share the responsibility of making sure they stay healthy and don’t contribute to an overpopulation of animals.

According to Donna Canzano, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society of Charlotte, as many as 13,000 dogs and cats per year are euthanized in Charlotte. Canzano said having your dog or cat spayed or neutered provides health benefits, reducing the likelihood of some forms of cancer, in addition to helping control unwanted pet pregnancies.

“People I meet are stunned when they learn the number of pets euthanized in Charlotte,” said Canzano. “Our goal is to work towards eliminating that number…”

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