Animal Friends Humane Society discount adoptions in October

Dog and cat adoptions will be discounted during October at Butler County’s Animal Friends Humane Society.

It’s part of an effort to increase adoptions from a year ago in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s $100,000 Challenge to Save More Lives.

The shelter is one of 50 selected for the 2010 challenge. It is in the running for two prizes: $100,000 for the shelter that achieves the greatest increase in animal lives saved during the three-month period over a year ago; and $25,000 to the shelter that gets the largest number of community members to help save more animals.

So far the shelter is twelfth among the contestants. New ranks and other data will be posted Oct. 12 at Patrons can also vote for the shelter at that website.

In August 213 animals were adopted and 68 were reunited with their owners, said Meg Stephenson, the shelter’s executive director.

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