Surrogate Momma Cat Left Behind for the Second Time

From Animal Network of Orange County, CA:  The joys of our rescue work can be quickly shadowed by witnessing the adult animals cry and look for their babies when they are all gone.  The sable color Persian-look surrogate momma kitty named Truffle has experienced her kittens being adopted and her left behind for the second time.

Truffle has been such an amazing surrogate momma kitty cat. Community Animal Network volunteer’s believe that she deserves a really great home for herself.  The momma cat’s adoption price is halved to encourage the public to adopt a momma kitty with one of her babies, but there is still resistance as people swoon over the babies.

See the rest of this story at: HERE and HERE

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10 years ago

What a lovely cat! I’m sure she’ll have a new home soon. 🙂