Animal shelter sponsorship agreement approved

A corporate sponsorship agreement between Home Savings Bank and Rockingham County for the pet adoption center in the animal shelter was announced and approved at Monday’s Board of Commissioners meeting. The terms of the agreement will last as long as the pet adoption center portion of the animal shelter is in operation, according to the contract.

The donation amount from Home Savings bank will total $42,500, with $30,000 paid upfront with the agreement and 25 annual installments of $500 being paid beginning July 1, 2011. Julie Swanner, former campaign manager for the animal shelter and currently a consultant on the project, said the structure of the contract was designed to preserve a lasting partnership between the two parties.

“We spent quite a bit of time on this deal – it was really uncharted territory for the county to partner with a private business on an agreement like this,” she said.

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