Busam Subaru to host pet adoption

On Sunday November 7th local auto dealership, Busam Subaru of Fairfield will be hosting the Love a Pet event. The event is the exciting kickoff event for a month long pet adoption drive. The dealership will be donating $100 to the participating organizations for each vehicle sold during November.

The event will take place from Noon – 3 pm with multiple participating organizations: The Cincinnati SPCA, The Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, The League for Animal Welfare and Ohio Pug Rescue. The donation money will be evenly distributed between the local animal advocates.

“We are thrilled to host the Love a Pet adoption drive. We’re looking forward to giving our community a way to help these rescues financially, and find homes for rescued pets”, said John Busam, of Busam Subaru.

Busam will also have a pet name tag engraving machine available for guests to donate $1 to have a name tag made for their pet. Busam Subaru will also donate $1 for each test drive taken on the 7th.

Read the rest at:  Busam Subaru to host pet adoption event – Share Story.

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