Smaller animal shelter planned in Denton for cost’s sake

Denton is scaling down plans for a new animal shelter because of the economy, with advocates of the project saying they’d rather build smaller than keep delaying construction.

The city is working with an architect to scale back the project by about a third, to between 14,000 and 15,000 square feet. That would still be twice as large as the existing city animal shelter on Woodrow Lane.

The new facility is planned on six acres bordering North Lakes Park.

The reductions will come primarily from office areas, with the animal housing and adoption space left mostly intact, city officials said. Plans would allow for expansion as needed.

“We’re still kind of in the works right now with the architect,” said Capt. Scott Fletcher of the Denton Police Department, which oversees animal services for the city. “We’ve tried to go in and see what areas we might be able to scale back and still be able to meet our service needs for the new shelter in the near future.”

Read the full story at:  Smaller animal shelter planned in Denton for cost’s sake | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Arlington News.

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Kyla Duffy
10 years ago

You’d think they would be scaling up plans for their shelter since the economy is down and so many people are abandoning their animals.