October Is A Critter Cornucopia

For some reason, October is up to its ides in animal-related celebrations. The only connection we can see, aside from the obvious Halloween reference (and that’s just cats and bats and owls and spiders), is that the month comes in the shank of autumn, which is a season of reflection, remembering and even mourning over loss. It’s also a celebration of thanks and gratitude, so, for our beloved animal companions, we offer you the following October harvest of festivities.

Compassionate Cuisine, Oct. 1
The playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “Animals are my friends, and I don’t eat my friends.” The farmed-animal refuge, Animal Acres, yearly celebrates the importance of this earnest quote with Compassionate Cuisine, a feast of delicious vegan dishes and organic beer and wine. Everything is available, from Indian to down-home-style, all vegan and all so tasty that we’ve had carnivorous people express surprise about anything that good could be fixed with no meat. Compassionate Cuisine is held in observance of International Vegetarian Day, which will be celebrated with appearances by such guests as Lorri Houston, founder and president of Animal Acres; Sarah Taylor, another animal acres founder and author of The Vegan Next Door; Tanya Petrovna, founder of Native Foods Café (great meals!); and classically trained jazz pianist Scott Sorrentino.

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