Marking Second Year In New Live Oak Shelter, Animal Services Offers Adoption Special

To mark the second year at the Santa Cruz County’s Animal Services Live Oak location, staff is celebrating not with a party, but with an adoption special.

“This event is about the animals; we’re not spending money, we’re not having any parties. We need people to adopt animals,” said Linda Puzziferro, client services supervisor. “It’s a wonderful facility, but the need to adopt is greater than ever.”

It is easier to care for the animals in the new facility than it was in the old Scotts Valley location, Puzziferro said. Dogs have kennels where they can choose to be inside or outside. Animals get to play with toys in multiple exercise rooms. Compared to the commercial setting of the old location, the surrounding neighborhoods are more ideal for walking dogs at the Seventh Avenue location.

Animal Services moved from Scotts Valley to Live Oak in September 2008. To celebrate the anniversary, and due to a surplus of cats, kittens are buy one for $120 get one half off. Adult cats adoption fees will be reduced from $100 to $55.

You can read the rest here: Marking second year in new Live Oak shelter, Animal Services offers adoption special – Santa Cruz Sentinel.