Incredible Pet Adoptions

Thanks to an innovative contest, pet adoption is booming across the country. Yesterday, the ASPCA announced the results from the kickoff month of its $100K Challenge. The initiative was launched to inspire shelters from coast to coast to save more lives — and the results are cause for celebration.

During August of this year, 32 shelters saved 2,193 more animal lives than during the same month last year. And at individual shelters, increases are ranging from one to an impressive 148 percent.

“We knew that the ASPCA $100K Challenge had the potential to save a lot of lives over the three-month contest period, but to see this kind of progress being made in just the first 30 days is remarkable,” said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “Contestants have two more months to showcase their best adoption promotions, return-to-owner innovations, and life-saving secrets, and we are looking forward to the incredible success that’s yet to come.”

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