Help Save Two Lab Sister Puppies from Death

These beautiful little gals are at Robeson County Animal Control, St Pauls, NC:  I received this urgent plea from our friend Melissa.  Melissa was rescuing Lola, but the poor sweet thing died before she could get her.  These two beautiful lab sisters have a chance, but we need to help them with the funding quickly, there are only 2 days left to save them and we need donations quickly.

Rather than me repeat the story, here is the email I got from Melissa:

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words yesterday and condolences on the loss of Lola.  It really hit me hard especially when I had never even had the chance to hold or see her, but I am grateful that she had a little love for a little while and that now she is at peace.

I don’t know that I am ready to choose a replacement foster. I need a few days break.  But I realize that these babies die daily and don’t have time to wait for my recovery.  So I have found another woman who is trying to adopt 2 black lab puppies from Robeson Shelter.  She and her son would love to add these little girls to their home.  I have agreed to pledge $100 in Memory of Lola to help her get these babies out of Robeson.  I don’t want them to have to spend another day there if they don’t have to.

So I am thanking you for your support and asking that you consider helping these two girls get to their forever home.  Please share them with others who might be interested and able to help.  They have 2 days!  We will need about $700 for the pair but we need at least $550 to get started and pull them.  With the $100 donation in Honor of Lola, our immediate need is reduced to $450 in 2 days!!!!

Please pray, help and share these babies!

Here is a photo (above) of one of the little girls and the chip in!  I am doing the chip in for Helen since she does not have a paypal account.

Thank you all again for supporting me and Lola!
God Bless,

Melissa Meader

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catherine turley
catherine turley
10 years ago

since the shelter isn’t going to make any money by killing the dogs, why don’t you try to cut a deal. pay the spay/vaccine fees up front and the rest over time. it shouldn’t cost more than $100 per dog to cover those immediate expenses. worth a shot.

Sandy G
10 years ago

Would it be possible to get a little more information. The Chip-In is for $200, but the message above indicates $700 total and at least $550 at the outset. What is the money for – vaccinations, medical problems, adoption fees? The amounts seem unusually high particularly given the fact that adoption is assured and will take these little girls out of the shelter. It’s all very confusing, please explain further.

Melissa Meader
Melissa Meader
10 years ago

Sandy, I sent you an email to explain. But if anyone else is wondering why. $500 was required ($250 per dog minimum) for vetting & 10 quarantine. $50 was pull fee for 2 dogs. We needed that just to get started. The balance of the initial $700 was for state health certificates and transport fees from NC to PA. However, I was able to find someone who had a vet that would do it basically at costs. Which reduced our vet bill & 10 quarantine from $500 down to approx. $100-150. We also have a $100 commitment donation. So $300… Read more »