Urgent: Bakersfield CA Area – Operation Fuzzy Mice In Critical Need @FuzzyMice

Operation Fuzzy Mice was started by Michelle as a welfare outreach for low-income pet owners. Unfortunately Michelle has fallen on hard times and is in desperate need of help for the cats under her care. She may in fact be living in her car, but that won’t work for her foster cats. We need to pull together and help her.

Rather than me trying to explain her dilemma, here is a summary directly from her blog:

From Operation Fuzzy Mice on Sept 10th

Hello, world! Human here. I will simply get to the point; I have received a thirty-day-notice to move yesterday.

Newer fans of Operation Fuzzy Mice may not know my personal life. In short, I am a university student at CSU Bakersfield, lost financial aid due to lack of accommodations for Asperger’s (a different story), developed depression, am unable to work, probably also will not be able to finish school, and social security is pending. Due to an inability to pay rent, I must move.

I am not worried about myself. I can store my things and sleep in my car, and this project mission can continue. However, I will no longer be able to foster the many cats who were grandfathered in from Michelle’s Cats. They cannot live in the car with me. I have thirty days to place them all, otherwise they’s have to go to the county shelter because everyone else is full. Taking them to the shelter is an almost guaranteed euthanization due to overcrowding.

I turn to the internet community as well as local Bakersfield communities for help finding homes. It won’t be easy – if homes were available they would have been placed long ago – but if everybody helps to spread the news it will increase chances.

Of course, if housing becomes available, then the animals would certainly move there with me. But, let’s be real here. Kern County and much of the rest of California is economically depressed. This makes finding animal-friendly housing with no income highly unlikely. I would much rather prepare for the worst and make sure the animals are taken care of.

There are all ages and colors and personality types available. Most have been fixed and immunized through donor funding. The adoption fee is $10*. Transportation may be available depending on location.

(*Adoption fees safeguard against dogfighters and animal hoarders. Fees will be paid towards CareCredit, which funds OFM’s vet care. )

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you know in the Bakersfield, CA are.  Michelle can still be contacted though her blog.  Many thanks for all you do!

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10 years ago


Do u still need homes for the cats?
I was thinking of fostering cats and
came upon your website. I have one
Siamese cat. She gets very lonely when
I am working. Im not sure I want a second
cat so I thought fostering would be a perfect
solution. Please let me know the statue of
the cats and especially Michele. Thank you.