255 Pets Adopted Over the Weekend in Salt Lake

During the weekend, 117 cats and 238 dogs were placed in new homes, as part of the No More Homeless Pets in Utah Fall Super Pet Adoption. The event opened Friday at 2 p.m., with a line of potential adopters waiting at the gate. The collection of animals included many purebred dogs of all sizes, and exotic cats like British shorthairs, as well as a collection of mixed breeds.

Rescue groups and shelters from across Utah participated in the event, bringing with them over 800 dogs and cats available for adoption. Adoption fees ranged from $50 to $75 for cats and $95 to $150 for dogs, including spay/neuter surgery and updated vaccinations.

As a thank you to those who adopted dogs during the weekend, free admission will be provided to Walk, Wag and Swim, a dogs-only swim, happening on Sept. 18, at the Draper outdoor pool, 657 Vestry Road. Adoption papers required for entrance.

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