Beautiful Cats Joey and Toby Need a Forever Together Home

Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Woodinville, WA:

It always amazes us how two cats can be brothers and look like polar opposites. Toby is a huge long haired orange and white kitty, possibly a little Maine Coon cat in him and his brother Joey is a short haired sweetie who is black and white with a little pencil moustache. Although they share no physical resemblance, their personalities demonstrate that they are very similar. Both are total lover boys and it’s often a contest to see who can purr the loudest!

These laid back bros don’t have a mean bone in their 3-year-old bodies.

They do like each other’s company so they really want to find a forever home together.

Joey and Tobey have become Homeward favorites –as much as we will miss them when they are adopted, we know that they will be bringing joy and smiles to their new family.

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