Super Cat Adoption Day, Muskingum County Ohio

Some locals are adding a new member to their family.

The Animal Shelter in Muskingum County hosted it’s first ever Super Cat Adoption Day. All kittens and cats were available to purchase for only $10. The shelter was hoping the discount would entice families to step forward to adopt a pet.

“They have a good deal today and we figured if we get one we might even get two, that way it helps the shelter out and the kitties out,” said David Fereriks.

“To help a little kitty in need, or a cat, so it’s really great to help save a life,” said Lisa Ehrnfield.

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Ferne Peterschick
9 years ago

Ernest Hemingway~ Theres absolutely nothing noble in becoming superior for your fellow males. Accurate nobility is becoming superior to your former self.