Cats Tom and Jerry Would Love a Together Forever Home

Tom and Jerry are 10 months  old grey Tabbies whose mother which was feral got killed by a car.  Kind people trapped the kittensand called Paw Parent.  They are living here now and have a great time but would love to have a whole apartment or house to roam and play in.  Here they are in a roomfull of other cats. They could not be more different in personality. Tom is the shy one and still does not trust people.  He can be petted but first you have to be able to get him.  While Jerry is quite the opposite.  Once he knows and trusts you he is the PURR-MACHINE!!!  Even before you touch him he will start his little engine.  He is so affectionate and sweet and loves to cuddle up next to you. He is so beautiful too:  long bushy tail and this cute little round face 🙂  It would be wonderful if the two could be adopted together.  They are neutered and had their shots and have been dewormed.  Please call 661-724-0642 if you interested in adopting them.

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Jessie Ijams
10 years ago

Looney Tunes, Droopy and Tom & Jerry were a number of my favorite cartoons once I was growing up and it’s nice to determine that they’re finally obtaining released on DVD sets since they are not shown on TV anymore. None of those newer cartoons even compare to these and probably none ever will. These classics are definately value choosing up and definately have alot of replay value.