Volunteers needed to pet a dog or hug a kitty

While touring the Pet Adoption League, PAL, shelter last week, I was amazed at the friendly animals just waiting to be adopted.

As I entered the “cat” room, a friendly jet black cat rubbed against my leg, while another purebred ragdoll purred for attention. There was a “cat volunteer” giving needed vaccinations for a deadly disease that has recently been killing kittens. I think I saw just about every color and breed of cat imaginable. The cats and kittens were beautiful, loved by volunteers and very friendly.

As I walked toward the dog kennels, I was warned that we would not be able to communicate inside of the kennel. They were right. The dogs barked loudly, but as I walked around the kennels full of great looking black labradors, english pointers, and cow dogs, they wagged their tails and stuck their wet noses through the chain link kennel staring at me. It was easy to tell that volunteers had spent much time with these animals.

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Volunteers needed to pet a dog or hug a kitty

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