Kill, Kill, Kill, Why Does Georgia Like to Kill? Poor Dogs and Cats

Rescue was on the way in Floyd County, GA–why were these dogs killed?

The emails go out late at night, with subject headings that describe lives caught in a broken system: “Urgent, these puppies scheduled to die tomorrow”, “Beautiful Maine Coon cat with kittens, last day”, “frightened collie, abuse case, needs you or she dies Wednesday”. They go out relentlessly—day after day, week after week, describing puppies, kittens, senior dogs, cats with colds, purebreds, mixed breeds, abused animals who need a hero, and once-loved family pets who, one way or another, have fallen on hard times and are now coming to the end of their time in a kill shelter. They hint at the stories of lives that will be cut short if not for the network of rescuers who use the internet to conjure up one miracle after another.

They pull all-nighters getting the word out through email and Facebook. They ‘crosspost’ pictures and descriptions of the animals in need, and they coordinate the rescue offers that come through, some of which involve transport to another state. It’s a team effort and includes people around the state, the country, even the world. They’re all racing against the clock because they know that a deadline is just that.

Read the rest of this horrible story here:Rescue was on the way in Floyd County, GA–why were these dogs killed?

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10 years ago

We live in GA and yes there are a lot of animals killed here! I read this story late last night and it is so sad. But so typical in too many shelters.