Robeson Cty NC: (Labrador Retriever) 42139 – Large – Female

Id# 42139 There is a sponsor for the “rescue” fee of 425.If you adopt this sweetie email me @ and I will connect you.This girl is very shy & scared needing someone with lots of patience to help her thru with her shyness & scareness. Available to be adopted 7/12 @ 12:10PM–if you can’t come on 7/12, PLEASE call the shelter ASAP! 910-865-2200 Leave a short message with id# and description if after hours. You can fax the information to 910-865-2212 or 910-865-3872 to request a hold for 24 hours. If you are a nonprofit and do not pick up the animal or notify the shelter of any changes,you will be banned for 6 months.***SHELTER NOW HAS LIMITED HOURS ON SATURDAY!!! PLEASE COME ADOPT FROM 10am-Noon!!!!Please have ID# available when contacting the shelter about a pet listed on this site. You may contact Frances Stayton at for information about a pet if needed, or if you wish to volunteer at any time of the week. You may also contact for possible transport assistance. Please understand that this is an animal control facility and as such, these pets have had no medical treatment. It is highly recommended that a newly adopted pet be seen by a veterinarian ASAP and that the pet be isolated from other pets for a period of two weeks–especially from other unvaccinated and especially young animals. View this pet on

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(Labrador Retriever) 42139 – Large – Female

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