Paw Parent, Lancaster CA: (Persian) Gogolito – Medium – Male

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT PAW PARENT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GOGOLITO!!! Gogolito Iis posted as a favor to a private person on this site. Her name is Pat and her email address is: PLEASE contact her if you are interested in adopting Gogolito. THANK YOU! Gogolito is VERY loved by Pat but unfortunately he seems very unhappy and depressed since the daughter of his person moved away and he is left alone for too many hours now. His person is very upset about the situation and would love to be able to keep him but she works long hours and feels that it would be best for him to find a another home. Here is her story and description of gorgeous Gogolito: He was born July 7, 2001 in Fresno County. He arrived in Orange County California with his identification paper in a Persian Family. A Persian Cat in a Persian Family! We named him Gogolito, Mr. Flower. Gogolito is very calm, not aggressive at all. He does not know how to use his nails. He is just gorgeous and a king with humble and proud attitude. He is very independent but at the same token very attached and loving! He needs human touch and affection and attention but because he is so proud and humble, he does not want to confess it by showing it, he is a Persian Proud Cat that does not want to show he is needy

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(Persian) Gogolito – Medium – Male