Paw Parent, Lancaster CA: (Chow Chow) Cindy – Medium – Female

Cindy is a very, very sweet Chow mix that came from a horrible hoarding situation in the desert. Over 200 dogs were kept on the property. Most of them running free and feral, not being fixed, having puppies in underground dens. It was a disaster!! Thank God, Cindy likes people though. She is a little shy at first but will nudge you softly from behind and give you very sweet, gentle kisses once she has a chance to get to kow you. She loves being pettet and groomed. She also is very playful and loves to run and play with the other dogs here. She enjoys hanging out outside the house more than inside but has overcome her fear of the house and comes inside more often now. She has all her shots, has been spayed and has a micro chip and is totally house broken.

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(Chow Chow) Cindy – Medium – Female