Forgotten Angels, Palmdale CA: (Tabby – Orange) Reilley – Medium – Male

Reilley is a total goof ball, from running around chasing his laser toy, attacking the water in the sink or playing hide-and-go seek, he is a total ham. He loves attention especially if he can have it all to himself. When he?s not off exploring or chasing something he likes to be petted but being picked up is something he?s working on but still a little out of his comfort zone. Maybe because there is just too much to do to be confined to one place. That is until it?s nap time them there?s no place like a comfy warm bed to snuggle up on. If you are looking for a playful, quirky and SUPER FUN boy, Reilley is your boy. (Birthday: 8/2007) For more information on this sweetie, please call Cathy at 661-273-9822 or email her at View this pet on

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(Tabby – Orange) Reilley – Medium – Male

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