Forgotten Angels, Palmdale CA: (Norwegian Forest Cat) Dakota – Large – Male

Hi there, my name is Dakota (Cody) for short and I am a very personable guy. I am a bit of a smooth talker but that will usually get me extra nummies so it works. All kidding aside, I?m a very well behaved young man and yes I do like to talk because otherwise you might not notice me and I do like to get my fair share of the attention. I?m also a very active boy and I LOVE to chase the laser toy. That thing is super cool and I will do flips ? leap across the furniture and run up/down the hall to catch it. I do well with other kitties and the quieter dog in my foster home is ok too, although I wouldn?t mind a dog free home either. Small children make me a bit uncomfortable because they always seem to want to carry me around and pick me up which is not my thing. There is simply too much to do to be held all the time. If you?re looking for a playful yet laid back kind of boy, here I am. (Birthday: 8/2007) For more information on this sweetie, please call Cathy at 661-273-9822 or email her at View this pet on

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(Norwegian Forest Cat) Dakota – Large – Male