Forgotten Angels, Palmdale CA: (Abyssinian) Milo – Large – Male

Hi, my name is Milo and you really can?t tell by my picture but I have beautiful black ticking just like any abby should. My foster mom keeps telling me how proud she is of me because when my brothers (Frankie & Marty) and I came to her we weren?t so crazy about being petted but now I LOVE having my back and head rubbed. I try to be the first one at the door when my family comes home so that I get extra attention. I?m still a bit timid around new strangers but if you give me a few minutes to get to know you we will be good friends too. I am more laid back than my brothers but that doesn?t mean I don?t like to chase them, the laser toy or any other thing that moves, I?m just saying there?s nothing wrong with hanging out and having a cat nap or two during the day either. If you are looking for a sweet boy and willing to give me a little time to settle in, then I?m ready for a home of my own. (Birthday: 7/10/09) If you would like to meet this handsome boy or one of his brothes, please call Cathy at 661-273-9822 or email her at View this pet on

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(Abyssinian) Milo – Large – Male

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