Brother Wolf Animal Rescue NC: (Chow Chow) Sally – Large – Female

Sally is a 3 year old chow mix looking for a human to show her kindness after living her whole life chained to the bumper of a car, going for days without food or water. She needs someone who will introduce her to all the world has to offer with patience. Once Sally trusts you, she will love you forever and snuggle and kiss you. She takes longer to warm up to men, than women, but with time can accept men. Sally is wonderful in her foster home. She taught herself to go to the bathroom only outside, by not wanting to dirty her kennel, when she was at the BWAR shelter. She has never had an accident in the house and is completely trustworthy when left alone. She will “gather” shoes and things from her human to keep with her when she sleeps, but has never destroyed anything. She does great with the cats in her foster home and will slowly be introduced to the dogs. She has spent time on leash at events with other dogs and done well. Sally would do best in a home without constant strangers visiting. She does learn to accept visitors over a period of time, but it does take multiple visits

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(Chow Chow) Sally – Large – Female

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