Tucson no kill shelter needs help

Tucson’s only no-kill cat and dog shelter asks for help from the community to make sure its animals have a home. The hope animal shelter needs about $12,000-$15,000 each month to keep operations running. Right now it only has $10,000 to take care of 80 cats and five dogs. The shelter is about three years old and executive director susan scherl says it’s never been this low on cash, “We …

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Tucson no kill shelter needs help

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deanna bennett
deanna bennett
9 years ago

Nemo is a three year old Great Dane and Labrador mix. He is neutered, chipped, and licensed. He is golden in color, beautiful, and very sweet and loving. He has been with me for over one year. A month ago, I moved and now share a home with a family who have a crawling baby. Nemo has nipped her — did not break skin but left teeth marks and a bruise on her cheek. She and her family are afraid of him and I must find a new living situation for him promptly. Please help. Deanna Bennett 4330 W Camino… Read more »