Can Somebody Help Tommy and Gracie?


Here is an email we got from our good friend Jenna. Jenna is the wonderful person who saved Dolly and made it possible for her to become a member of our family. Please tell everyone you know.

URGENT: Tommy and Gracie Need Homes NOW
URGENT: Tommy and Gracie Need Homes NOW

Don’t know how I am getting into the kitty business but this one is really breaking my heart.

These babies will be going to the shelter if we cannot save them. They were found alongside a dead mama 9 months ago. They have been going to Petsmart every Saturday for adoption with the people who found them and no takers. They suffer terribly being put into carriers and taken the 45 minute drive to Petsmart where they are put into a tiny cage for people to look at. They absolutely become depressed since they have been doing this for seven months. I also ran a picture with a write-up in the Greenville News Newspaper trying to help these people and not a single phone call. They are at the point where they will have to take them to the shelter and there most likely be put to sleep. They just cannot keep them and I don’t know what else to do to help them. They have really tried everything.

They would pay for transport to anywhere and these kitties are fully vetted, checked for FIV, FeLeuk, which was negative, all shots, and spayed and neutered. The male is a total lap kitty and female is a little more stand-off-ish but once you sit down and have the male on your lap then she comes and sits next to you.
Thank you for anything you might do to help,

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