Help Save Pickles a Wonderful Horse

Please Help this Sweetie
Please Help this Sweetie

Help us make a difference for a horse that deserves it

These folks have rescued an abused former race horse who has been starved and is in need of feed, veterinary care and a pasture shelter, since one of her many problems is rain-rot. (from being left out with no shelter)

She has a sweet disposition but you can see the pain in her eyes. Her feet are badly cracked and one has been cut. We’re not sure how it happened, but it needs to be addressed. Corrective shoes can help, but they are expensive and have to be replaced about every six weeks.

We know a lot of people are struggling out there, but we also know that a little bit from people who care can go a long way. This mare didn’t ask to be starved and abused, and she deserves more than what she got from her last owner.

They have successfully rehabilitated other abused horses and know we can do it again – with a little help from those who know that we can’t save them all, but we can make a difference – one horse at a time.

Here is a couple of more links you can check out as well.

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Many thanks for anything you can do, remember, every dollar makes a difference. Thanks my friends.

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