Matchmakers of a rescue-dog kind

Dreamy eyes, luxuriously thick hair, a well-toned body. Matchmakers Liz Maslow and Meg Boscov thought the shapely beauty named Tasha was just who their client was looking for.

When they tried to get to know her better, however, she was a bit standoffish.

“Hi, sweetie,” said Boscov.

Tasha wouldn’t even look at her.

“She’s overwhelmed,” Boscov said to Maslow. “We need [a prospect] not as sensitive.”

So it was on to the next dog – yes, dog, as in four legs and a tail.

It was another day for Main Line Mutt Match, a sort of interspecies eHarmony aimed at finding problem-free pets for people wanting rescued dogs. As canine matchmakers, Boscov and Maslow scour shelters for the perfect pooches, looking for more than a pretty face and wet nose.

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