Animals get break for Christmases future

It;s too bad Dave Parmeter wasn’t given time enough to see the Benton-Franklin Humane Society’s land purchase.

Before his death Nov. 30, Parmeter was vice president of the local Humane Society, an organization well represented by some of the best people in the Tri-Cities.

But the purchase comes in time for Christmas this year and with the promise of a better shelter for homeless pets for many Christmases to come.

Sympathetic letters to the editor and hundreds of adoptions yearly make it clear this is a community that cares about animals.Unfortunately, the number of pets that need saving after being abandoned indicates there are still too many people who are careless with their pets or heartless in their ways.

Parmeter and his friends, such as Humane Society President Shannon Novakovich, board member Dick Peterson, Parmeter’s sister Debra Still and others, managed to find the money to purchase four acres of property from the Port of Kennewick for the new no-kill shelter.

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