URGENT: Michelin Wants to Dump Cats to a Kill Shelter

I know, I know, kill shelter is an oxymoron, that term is used here to illustrate a point. Michelin North America has their U.S. headquarters in South Carolina. Many employees there have been taking care of the strays and the feral cats for years. No longer. Employees at the facility in South Carolina have been told, in part:

Notice regarding campus cats….due to the increasing number of cats on the campus, all cats will be humanely collected on January 15th and taken to the Greenville Animal Shelter. Currently we have 5 kittens and several adult cats available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact Jane Rainwater 864-422-4239.

It is important to point out the the Greenville Animal Shelter is a KILL facility. If they are not adopted in short order the will be put to sleep. There is a No-Kill facility in Greenville and one in the adjacent city of Spartanburg:

Pet Haven of South Carolina

The Critter Connection

So what does this say about the corporate responsibility of Michelin anyways? Yep, you got it!

Need tires, buy something else, but don’t support Michelin if this is how they treat the less fortunate among us. Tell them that you will not buy their brand unless they do the right thing!

CALL TO ACTION: Email the Michelin Corporate folks and tell them just what you think of their corporate image. You can email them here:

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