Kitten That Flew Far Away

In this season of good will, it is contrary to think about negative things. But I can't help but think about all the cats and kittens in this community who will never get a home. More than three quarters of all the cats and kittens that enter our county Animal Shelter will never come out alive. While some may be strays, many are also given up by owners for largely dubious reasons, mostly avoidable. Many if not most of all the cats and kittens, stray or owned, are adoptable, healthy felines.

Equally depressing are the ads in any newspaper's pet column advertising kittens “free to a good home.” How on earth do some of these people know what a “good home” is when they haven't even be responsible enough to spay their female cats.

“Free to a good home” ads are also invitations to people with heinous intentions. There are simply more cats and kittens than there are responsible and caring “forever” homes. So it with great joy I share this story of Bobbie, the homeless kitten who flew away.

Earlier this year, the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County and Montgomery County Animal Control and Adoption Service, entered into an agreement in which the Humane Society provides volunteers to help an understaffed Animal Control place the overwhelming number of dogs and cats who come through their doors.

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