No Cat Left Behind at the Cat House

Just a few blocks away from City Campus, lives are being saved every day. And although the survivors can't speak their thanks, you can see it in their soft eyes and swishing tails, and hear it in their happy meows.

The Cat House, located at 19th and Q Street since 2004, is a no-kill animal shelter devoted to saving cats no matter the cost. More than 175 cats live there, including some whose owners can no longer care for, strays and feral cats, and those too sick to survive on their own.

For Cat House staffers, every feline has a place in the world. No cat is ever turned away, even if it means they’ll live at the shelter for the rest of their life. Pisa, a cat with feline leukemia, has been in the care of the Cat House since 2003.

The non-profit shelter, started in 1998, is the largest no-kill shelter in Nebraska, and has found homes for more than 1,000 cats since its inception. Between April and September of this year, 156 cats were adopted out.

While adoption is the most preferred option, the shelter’s true mission lies in ending euthanasia. And that means providing a quality home for every cat whether it is adopted or not.

Resd the rest of the story at: No cat left behind at the Cat House.

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