Dogs and Cats Get Christmas Dinner Too

Wesley stood on his tiptoes, sniffing at the air, before letting out a little yip. His half black, half white face peered through the cage.

It was enough to get Tripp Fulton’s attention. Fulton slipped a chunk of freshly grilled hamburger through the fence and watched as Wesley gobbled it up.

Christmas had gone to the dogs.

Mike and Rena Carmona, of Carmona Comfort Air, sponsored a Christmas dinner Saturday for the dogs and cats at the Helping Hands Humane Society. Wesley, a Labrador and pointer mix, was one of more than 200 animals to enjoy the holiday treat.

The Carmonas have two cats and four dogs, all adopted from the animal shelter at 2625 N.W. Rochester Road. In fact, they make it a yearly tradition to adopt an animal.”Scarlet’s getting adopted today,” Rena Carmona said about a dog the family has had in foster care.

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