Animals Rescued by Pet-Loving Pilots

Patches is five months old, part Bassett hound, part who knows what – and a few weekends ago she barely escaped being euthanized in a Georgia animal shelter.

Patches is about to be taken on a flight for her life by John Wehrenberg, a member of a group of animal-loving aviators called Pilots-N-Paws. CBS News correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports that it’s a sort of an “over-ground railroad” for pets.

Geography often can make the difference between life and death for dogs and cats.

Read the rest of this beautiful story here: Animals Rescued by Pet-Loving Pilots – CBS Evening News – CBS News.

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The Creek Cats
11 years ago

This is such a wonderful service! We recently had 7 shelter dogs flown up north by a wonderful air service. Their lives have been saved.