Shelter Tails: Rescued Sled Dogs Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Lying and rolling in the grass is a simple pleasure most dogs enjoy. They revel in the comfort of the cool carpet of a green lawn. Most dogs.

Saint and Agatha are two of 100 dogs who are just beginning to know the feeling of soft blades of grass under their paws.

Nearly 100 neglected sled dogs were rescued Nov. 17 in Canada. The owner, a musher and sled-dog breeder, was unable to care for the dogs and released them to the care of the local SPCA. The dogs were used to pull sleds for tourists and were kept chained in the woods on a dirt compound in Quebec when they weren't working. Tiny, dilapidated shacks were their only shelters.

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S,S,C & F
11 years ago

We are so glad they were rescued, thanks for sharing.