Centralia “House of Hope” Opens Saturday

The Centralia Humane Society will be celebrating the grand opening of their “House of Hope” no-kill shelter this weekend.

On Saturday from 11-4 o'clock, the society will have an open-house for visitors to come and view the facilities and sign up for times to possibly adopt a pet. The new building is located at 81-90 Shattuc Road in Centralia and Bob Pruitt with the shelter says it will hold a sizeable number of animals. “We could house as many as 12 dogs,” he says “and as many as 30 to 40 cats.”

via WJBD Radio.

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Amy & The HoC
11 years ago

Wow Brian thanks for letting us know about this – it is nice to hear of a shelter that is opening instead of at rist of closing – and a no-kill shelter at that. What good news this is for the kitties and doggies out there!