Go for the gold by adopting a senior pet

When thinking about a new pet, consider two things: the pet you would like for your home and the pet that would most appreciate your hospitality. Those cute kittens and puppies will scratch, dig, chew, and wet their way into the house! An older cat or dog will probably start their life with you in a much more respectful manner. Elder pets become homeless in a variety of ways. Sometimes their guardian becomes ill or passes away, and the extended family doesn't want the animal. Other times, frankly, people discard pets as the animals age. Age doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything at all wrong with the pet.

via PET CORNER: Go for the gold by adopting a senior pet.

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S,S,C & F
11 years ago

Senior pets and just older cats and dogs are great pets. We don’t stay cute kittens and puppies for ever, but we always have love to share. Thanks for reminding people. Mommy considered getting an older dog that was already house trained from a rescue, but Daddy thought us cats would adjust to a puppy better, so we got Fenris.