Adoption center for cats remodels, adds room to frolic

Visitors to the SPCA Suncoast cat adoption center might find the felines even harder to resist now that the cats can chill out in the comfort of the remodeled building.

In place of cages, most cats can snooze, play and eat in the five communal rooms, said Gail Armstrong, interim executive director of SPCA Suncoast.

A cat can gaze out from wide expanses of windows instead of staring out between the bars of a steel cage, said Virginia Elliott, the animal caretaker at the adoption center.

via Adoption center for cats remodels, adds room to frolic.

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The Creek Cats
11 years ago

That’s so wonderful! I wish the all shelters and adoption centers were that cozy for the adoptable pets!

11 years ago

Its a puurfect blog 🙂
I wish you success
every cat/dog needs a good home !!!

Have a wonderful weekend
Anya 🙂

11 years ago

Hi Brian!

Thanks for popping over to my blog. I’ll link to yours as I like to spread the word about other folks working to find homes for kitties.

Thanks for the work you do!

11 years ago

Yahooo! The way it should be! I can’t speak from the vast experience of animal care pros but, in my somewhat more limited experience, most cats get along just fine together, if properly introduced!