Marty Needs Lifesaving Surgery

Poor little Marty needs lifesaving surgery for anal prolapse. According to his vet, the surgery has a near 100% chance of success in giving Marty the normal life he deserves. Marty needs some special help because the surgery is expensive and his parents are having a very difficult time in coming up with that much money. That’s where you can help. Please find it in your heart to help out sweet little Marty and give him the wonderful gift of a normal life with his loving family.

Please take the time to read Marty’s compelling story at

Veterinary Information is on the Chip in Page

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11 years ago

We included Marty’s need in our post today. We sure hope he is able to get his surgery and be healthy.

Linda Jones
11 years ago

I twittered this, but I also sent yall some money, I wish that I could send more though. I hope the surgery will help Marty live a long happy healthy life. He’s so adorable, he will be in my prayers and I hope to hear that he is well. Please keep me informed.