Fireball Really Needs A Home

My good friend Robin at  said it best, Robin said “Some cats truly get a raw deal in life. Little Fireball is a good example of that.” She is indeed correct! Fireball is a 6 month old Tabby who has been living in a small cage for his entire life.

Photo courtesy Jasper County Animal Control

Robin also say that “Fireball is doing well. He’s healthy, affectionate, friendly. He likes other cats and people. He has the perfect Tabby personality, which makes him a great family companion. He’s still a kitten at barely six months old. Did you know a cat isn’t fully mature until they are FOUR YEARS OLD? That would mean, Fireball has a lot of playfulness and youthful exuberance left in him-and certainly a full life to live.”

Photo courtesy Jasper County Animal Control

Trust me, I can vouch for the great Tabby personality thing. Besides that, I spent 8 months in a cage at PetSmart with Kitten Action Team until I finally got my Forever Home. Fireball needs the same kind of luck too!

If you live in the NORTHEASTERN United States we can fairly easily get him transported to you from Monticello, Georgia. If you LIVE in Georgia, then get you can contract the Jasper County Animal Control! Call: (706) 468-0396!!!

Please, tell your friends about Fireball. He’s a sweet boy and he’s been overlooked long enough. He’s got a big heart and lots of love to share, so please give him a chance to win you over!