California girls may be unforgettable, but these pups are pretty memorable too, in their dog version of Katy Perry's “California Gurls.”

YouTube Channel The Pet Collective provided an exclusive first look to HuffPost Green of their newest video, Katy Puppy, “California Grrrs,” based off Katy Perry's popular song.

Video director Hai-Lam Phan wrote in an e-mail to The Huffington Post that the video shoot lasted three days, and they took an additional week for post-production.

It took a day to construct the candy set, which ended up weighing about 30 pounds. According to Phan, “Being real candy, it started to melt on shoot day! So we had to do some cosmetic upkeep to make sure it looked good under the lights. The animals didn't have interaction with actual candy, except for the doberman, who plays 'Snoop Dog,' and he didn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth — possibly, that's because of the hairspray that we had to apply over the whole set to help preserve it.”

Although they weren't rewarded with hairsprayed candy, The Pet Collective producer Michelle Davis reassured HuffPost that the group works closely with the American Humane Society, adding “The owners are present, and the animals do not work long hours or under difficult conditions.”

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