Preventing Pet Pests This Spring

Preventing Pet Pests This Spring (via Repost Video News)

The time to protect your pets from fleas and ticks is now.

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Emergency Smarts: Disaster Planning for Your Pets from Allstate

Reposted with permission from Allstate and theAllstateBlog


We’re all advised to make emergency preparedness plans for our family, but what about our pets? Whether you care for dogs, birds or cats, their safety is equally at risk during an emergency. And, as with the members of your family, advance preparations can make all the difference in keeping your pets safe when disaster strikes.

Here are some key points for putting together an emergency plan for your pets:

Make plans to shelter your animals.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website says never to leave your pets at home if you need to evacuate during an emergency. And because many emergency shelters will not accept pets, according to, it’s important to identify a few out-of-town locations now where you can shelter your animals. Be sure to ask about any restrictions (like the number of pets, the size of the animal, etc.) so you have accurate information.

Emergency shelters. Start by contacting your local emergency management office (likely a county-level department), and ask if any of the local shelters are among the few that do accept pets.

Boarding kennels. Kennels are another option for sheltering your pet in an emergency, though they’ll typically require your pets to be up to date on all vaccinations (often requiring proof), so discuss this with your vet during your pet’s next check-up.

Pet-friendly lodging. Motels or hotels can be another option; try one of the many online directories of pet-friendly hotels to begin your research, and then create a list with phone numbers and addresses to keep with your emergency kit.

Friends and family. You might also contact out-of-town acquaintances to see if they might be able to offer your animals accommodations in the event of an emergency.

If you have more than one pet, you may need to make separate arrangements to shelter them all safely. Some facilities may have restrictions on the number of animals they can accept. And it’s possible that even friends and family may find that caring for more than one pet is overwhelming.

Update your pet’s identification.

Ensure your pets have up-to-date identification tags with their names and your phone number (a cell phone number is probably best) attached to their collars at all times. suggests that, during an emergency, you also attach your pet’s shelter location and phone number to his collar; if he becomes lost, that extra layer of information may help you reunite with him.

Another precaution may be to microchip each of your pets; these services are typically done by a veterinarian and cost less than $50, according to the online adoption center; a microchip registers your pet with a nationwide database accessible to vets and rescue shelters.

If you take this option, know that there may be an annual maintenance fee and that you’ll be responsible for updating the contact information associated with your pet.

Create a pet survival kit.

Put together an animal version of your own emergency kit, which will be essential for your pets during an emergency (whether you shelter in place or evacuate). suggests a number of items:

  • Copies of your pets’ health records
  • Current photos to use as as reference if you become separated
  • Food and water, plus feeding bowls
  • Medications and grooming supplies
  • Blankets, toys and other comfort items to help your pet release nervous energy
  • Leash, carrier and potentially even a muzzle to help you maintain control over a nervous pet

Know what to do during a disaster. also offers helpful advice on how to protect your pet during a severe storm, hurricane or other disaster:

  • Bring your pets inside if you’re home and severe weather is on its way. Some animals exhibit nervous signs when they sense severe weather changes, says, so bring them in well in advance to prevent a runaway.

  • Lay down newspapers or potty pads for pets that usually relieve themselves outside.
  • Provide moist foods such as canned meat, so that the animal will require less water to drink.
  • Separate pets that don’t get along, if necessary, to prevent fights.
  • Bring your pet with you if you have to evacuate, says. Never leave your pet outside or tie him up during a storm.
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Purina® Cat Chow® “Why Weight?” Twitter Party Tonight April 23rd #WhyWeightPledge


Wednesday, April 23; 9:00-10:00 p.m. Eastern

The purpose of the Purina® Cat Chow® “Why Weight?” Twitter Party is to educate cat people on how to help their cats achieve and maintain a healthy weight while driving participants to take the Purina Cat Chow “Why Weight?” Pledge

Follow along as Stacie Connerty (@StacieinAtlanta), lifestyle and wellness experts Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson (@ToneitUp) host a Twitter party with Purina Cat Chow (@CatsOutofTheBag) about the importance of keeping your cat at a healthy weight

There will be fun facts, images and prizes along the way, so be sure to use the hashtag #WhyWeightPledge to follow along!  Help Purina Cat Chow reach 100,000 pledges by May 2 and they will donate $50,000 to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention


Giveaways will be hosted throughout the Twitter party and will include the following:

  • RSVP Prize pack: 1-year’s supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight  and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack
  • (3) Prizes: $50 PetSmart gift card, three-months supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack
  • Grand Prize: $100 PetSmart gift card, six-month supply of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and Purina Cat Chow Prize pack



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Funny Fur To Host Benefit with Stella & Chewy’s for Save A Cat Rescue

Funny Fur To Host Benefit with Stella & Chewy’s for Save A Cat Rescue (via PRWeb)

Funny Fur is hosting an event with Stella & Chewy’s and Save A Cat Rescue of Houston where a portion of all Stella & Chewy’s sales will be donated to the Save A Cat Rescue organization. Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 21, 2014 Funny Fur, a Houston…

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America’s First Cat Cafe Opens In New York City

America’s First Cat Cafe Opens In New York City (via PR Newswire)

Purina ONE® teams up with television host, Carrie Ann Inaba, to take the Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge and unveil a cafe where cats are the “stars” ST. LOUIS, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Purina ONE is building on the feline phenomenon already popular…

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Shirley the lab/shepherd mix dog is good with children so fetch her home – Warren, NJ

Lab/shepherd mix is good with children (via

WARREN — Shirley is an adult female Labrador retriever/shepherd mix in the care of Rawhide Rescue. She is described as having a large heart and soft coat. Shirley is friendly and does well with small children; she gets along with other dogs but should…

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