stuck in Groundhog Day for two years while waiting to be adopted from shelter – An overlooked puppy has been stuck in GroundDOG Day for more than two years with the same day-to-day routine in kennels while waiting for a new home . Arran came to the rehoming centre in 2013 and despite being a […] rescued shelter kitten can’t stop smiling about her new home – Mashable Though she and her husband already have two cats name Coen and Ava, Colborn happened upon Rey one day while stopping at a local animal shelter to snuggle some kitties. “I couldn’t resist that face, and alas, we ended up with a third kitten,” […] February is National Pet Dental Health Month – The Sun Chronicle Remember when the thought of brushing a dog’s or cat’s teeth produced eye rolls and tongue clucks? Not so much now. Most owners know the importance of their pets’ oral health and the consequences that can occur when it’s neglected. February has been … The Sun […]